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Wait! Don’t Just Throw That In the Trash!

   Throughout my 21 years of existence, I’ve mde an honest effort to recycle things like paper products.… [more]

Wait! Don’t Just Throw That In the Trash! Wait! Don’t Just Throw That In the Trash!

Getting Involved

It's becoming clearer that in today's world community involvement is a very important part of any successful… [more]

Getting Involved Getting Involved

Fitness and Nutrition… I’ll give it another try

How many times have you started a fitness and nutrition regiment with excitement and enthusiasm for the… [more]

Fitness and Nutrition… I’ll give it another try Fitness and Nutrition… I’ll give it another try

Out Of The Office… But Still Hard At Work | Article –

You’d be hard pressed to walk into any coffee shop or airport terminal these days and not witness people conducting business outside the office. The ability to work remotely has so pervaded our world that it’s quickly becoming an imperative for business success, not just a corporate perk, a reality that’s good news for women who feel constrained by traditional work scenarios. To view the article by Cindy Bates click here.

For ‘B-to-B’ Companies, Finding Facebook ‘Friends’ Can Be a Struggle | Article – Inc., a provider of bill-payment services, is trying to market itself on Facebook. But even though the venture-backed company has more than 10,000 clients, it has so far managed to secure only 67 “friends” on the social-networking site. To view the full page

Where Today’s Youth Actually Get Their News| Blog –

Peter Singer discusses his recent survey of the next generation of young American leaders. His findings reveal that when it comes to the news, contrary to what is popularly believed, Katie Couric and Jon Stewart have nothing on the online editors and producers of and Fox News for this “Millennial Generation.” To view the full page


Study: More American smartphone users ditching their computers| Article –
For a growing number of Americans, computers now rank behind smartphones when it comes to accessing the Internet. According to a new study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 25 percent of smartphone owners go online with their phones more than they do with a computer. Read full article

Study: One Facebook fan equals 20 extra website visits | Article –
Trying to prove why you spend so much time cultivating your brand or client’s Facebook page? The results of this study might help. Read full story



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